The Source for Nonverbal Learning Disorders


by Sue Thompson

NLD is an often misunderstood and under-recognized syndrome.  Consequently, children with NLD do not receive appropriate treatment.  Because these children are bright, highly verbal, and early readers, critical symptoms are ignored or explained away.  The child is considered disrespectful, clumsy, socially inept, and a “know-it-all.”

The information in this resource will help you:

  • identify NLD
  • design effective interventions
  • educate others about NLD

The book includes lots of practical helps such as:

  • how NLD presents throughout the lifespan
  • descriptions of the motoric, visual-spatial-organizational, and social characteristics of NLD
  • comparison of AD/HD and NLD
  • reminders and strategies for parents of children with NLD
  • developing an inclusion plan
  • strategies for the classroom
  • suggestions for compensations, accommodations, and modifications
  • how to build social skills
  • transitioning to adulthood

Make a meaningful difference in the development and education of individuals with NLD with the information in this book.