The Secrets to Quieting Butterflies

$9.99 — $14.95

Moonbeam Children’s Award Winner

Susie Baretz illustrated by Amy J. Wulfing

A delightful new picture book that helps children understand that anxiety is not something to be ashamed of. This sweet story by Susie Baretz empowers kids to calm themselves and take control of their fluttery fears and feelings.

Soft colors and expressive illustrations by Amy J. Wulfing gently convey the calming message of reassurance to children who worry and the adults who seek to ease the distress.

Katie, a little girl with butterflies in her tummy, learns that even grown-ups get nervous and anxious! Fortunately, there is help. Katie’s mommy shares her “Secrets to Quieting Butterflies” – and they work! The author includes discussion points and healthy strategies for managing anxiety and uncomfortable feelings.

Includes FREE Zippy Glitter Wand – extras available here.