Conversation Starters: Home & Family


Get ready to work on conversation skills with the home Home & Family Conversation Starters pack. Develop language skills by working on completing sentences, asking and answering questions, responding appropriately and working on staying on topic. Use the conversation starters to talk about vacation, breakfast, the weekend, grand parents, birthdays and much more. Each topic is separated by a yellow card making it easy to switch topics. Each card has a question on the front and the beginning of an answer on the back.

The conversation starters series uses two stages for teaching language. The first stage teaches children to spontaneously answer questions. The second stage prompts children to initiate and sustain conversations. This best selling series has a reputation as a “Speech Teacher’s Dream.” Convenient sets are held together by a ring making them portable and available for use throughout the day. These sets are successful because children practice conversation in simple steps. They learn the flow of information continues about the same topic. These are not learned social scripts. They teach spontaneous conversation as the child fills in the blanks. Cards are 3″ x 3.5″ and come on a handy ring.