Bully-proofing your child: First aid for hurt feelings


Carla B. Garrity

When a child has a “personal strategy,” he or she is far less likely to be targeted by bullies. This is the premise of an important resource from the Bully-Proofing series that provides parents with solutions to address this age-old concern. The authors show us that the adage “stand up and fight” is not the best advice one can give a child in today’s increasingly violent society. A better approach is to provide children with “shields” that can protect them when other children threaten physical or emotional harm. From this guide, parents learn: Ways to help their child feel less defenseless when being bullied Ideas for coping with their child’s fear and trauma Ways to direct efforts according to their child’s unique personality Techniques for teaching their child how to build the “protective shield” Ways to create a more caring community less conducive to bullying Bully-Proofing Your Child: A Parent’s Guide helps parents understand the psychological makeup of a bully and a victim, how to distinguish normal conflict from a bully/victim situation, and how bullying is exhibited at different ages. For those who feel their child is particularly at risk, it can also bring peace of mind.