A Train Ride to Grandma’s (With NO Chocolate Donut!)

$9.99 — $16.95

Stacy Shortle, Ed.D., NCSP Dean J.M. Mooney, Ph.D., NCSP illustrated by Amy J. Wulfing

Noah’s trip to Grandma’s house is ALWAYS the same every summer. He boards the same train, sits in his favorite seat, and eagerly awaits his usual mid-trip snack while he looks out the window anticipating the usual landmarks. But, THIS year so many things are different! Noah struggles to cope with all the changes to his routine, but, in the process, he learns that sometimes doing things differently can be fun! The authors include helpful suggestions for minimizing the effects of change on children with NLD or AS. Hardcover 48pgs

Includes FREE train whistle or engineer’s hat, extras available here.