Nonverbal Learning Disabilities is our specialty – WE GET IT – and we are here to help you.

To provide you with a little history, I was the Office Manager for Maple Leaf Clinic in Vermont. The Director, Dr. Dean Mooney was diagnosing NLD but there was no awareness of it here.

Prior to my move to Vermont in 1994, I was born and raised in Canada. I decided to call one of my former professors from Windsor, Ontario and ask for help. His name was Dr. Byron Rourke.

I formed Maple Leaf Center and began my efforts to raise awareness about NLD.

I was the first person to put the world’s leading researcher in NLD, Dr. Byron Rourke, together in the same conference with the world’s leading educator, Sue Thompson (author, The Source for Nonverbal Learning Disorders). Little did I know at the time that sharing a brochure headline with Dr. Rourke was one of Sue Thompson’s dreams come true.

That first conference, held right here in Vermont, had Pam Tanguay in the audience ( founder and author of NLD at Home and NLD at School). Making her dream come true was next, so I agreed to host my second conference in her home state of Connecticut – from there the rest is history.

While still managing Maple Leaf Clinic, with the help of my co-workers at Maple Leaf Center, I have worked tirelessly since that first conference in 1997 to host NLD conferences in Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Louisiana, California, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona, Maryland, Washington, etc.

As Sue Thompson’s health began to fail her, there was only one person she wanted next to her, ready to take over her presentation if needed, the person who really prompted this whole movement, Dr. Dean Mooney.

Sadly we have lost both Sue Thompson and Dr. Byron Rourke; however, their passion for NLD has not died, for it lives on in the efforts of Linda Hudson-Chapman who now hosts NLD conferences around the country featuring the expert’s choice, Dr. Dean Mooney (Maple Leaf Clinic).

Maple Leaf Center was also first to put Dr. Tony Attwood from Australia (author, Asperger’s Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals) together with Carol Gray (creator of Social Stories) and we have hosted many of their conferences across the country as well.

With years of experience, working closely with so many experts, we truly are your resource center for books, DVDs, sensory toys and learning aids relating to NLD, ASDs and Social Skills.

We are excited to offer you these valuable products to assist you in providing your individual best whether in clinical application, teaching, parenting or self-improvement.

Linda J. Hudson, President Maple Leaf Center, Inc.

Linda J. Hudson-Chapman, President

Maple Leaf Center